Organizational Assessment and Development
I2 employs a three part process to assist organizations in assessing their developmental needs and addressing them. I2 will work in each of the following phases with you in identifying the need for change, and effecting that change.

Our law enforcement, intelligence and national security experts will conduct an initial assessment of your organization which will be used to identify organizational and structure weaknesses and areas which need to be improved. Our expert team uses the assessment to develop an action plan that outlines specific procedures and actions to be undertaken to correct the deficiencies identified in the assessment.

Intellitech International conducts training in many areas of interest to national security and law enforcement. In the 21st century, Law Enforcement, intelligence and security agencies face unprecedented challenges and expectations. The combined threats of international terrorism, political instability, and financial crises, have created pressures and expectations that have severely strained the law enforcement community. Criminal justice agencies at all levels have sought assistance as they try to master new skills, or adapt old ones to the new situation. In addition to dealing with practical measures, such as intelligence gathering, information sharing, and coordinated responses to potential terrorist attacks, entirely new concepts such need to be learned and mastered.

Law Enforcement, intelligence and security agencies have dealt with the issue of Islamic terrorism for decades. By necessity they have learned and mastered the techniques required to deal with terrorism successfully and protect the lives of their citizens.

Intellitech International offers a unique opportunity for law enforcement, intelligence and security agencies throughout the world to learn from both the U.S. and International experiences. Because we understand both terrorism and police training, we have been able to build training programs that cover all important subjects, taught by instructors with extensive real-world experience. Intellitech International offers training programs such as:

• Transformation to Counter-Terrorism policing
• Intelligence
• Anti-money laundering
• Anti-fraud and corruption
• Investigation
• Patrol and Intelligence
• Protective Services (VIPs and Vital Infrastructure)
• Border Control
• Anti-Organized Crime
• Competitive Intelligence

Implementation, Ongoing Oversight and Consulting
Intellitech International’s expertise can assist law enforcement, intelligence, and national security organizations in many areas. We provide advice and direction in executive management, mid-level management, administration. Our experts can work alongside intelligence officers, security executives, and police executives as a full partner on an ongoing basis. Organizational change is frequently difficult and sustaining that change over time can be even more difficult. A continued effort is often required to ensure that a relapse does not occur, and Intellitech International can provide that ongoing oversight.

International Relationship Development and Exchanges
Intellitech International executives enjoyed successful careers in law enforcement, intelligence and national security agencies at the most senior levels. We have built strong and enduring relationships throughout state, federal and local law enforcement in the US and throughout the world.

These relationships enable Intellitech International to provide our clients with access to essential players and leaders, and relevant organizations.